Course Overview To provide participants with detailed insight into handling perishable cargo, and practical knowledge of the most up-to-date regulations regarding the air transportation of perishable cargo; 
Gain the necessary knowledge required to ship perishable cargo safely and comply with industry standards.
Training Duration Total Training Hours : 12-16 Hours
Training Duration : 2 DAYS (fastrack) 
Total Training Days : 3-4 Working Days
Training Schedules Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday)Regular Sessions : 4 Hrs Per day 
WeekEnds (Friday & Saturday)Fast Track Sessions: 6-8 Hours per day 

Certifications: Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday)Regular Sessions : 4 Hrs Per day 
WeekEnds (Friday & Saturday)Fast Track Sessions: 6-8 Hours per day 
Tests Yes
Learning Aids Yes
Course Material Hard & Soft Copies of Study Material
Language of Instruction English
Instructor Helpline Yes
1. Email
2. Social Media (For Emergency requirements)
Registration Requirements 1. Passport Copy
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Passport size photographs
4. Course Fee
Mode of Payment: Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / Bank Transfer.
Eligibility Criteria
(Who should attend this training)

The course is necessary for everyone who wants to acquire basic knowledge and information to accept and handle perishable and time sensitive shipments throughout the air transportation cycle. It is specifically geared towards:

  • Commercial shippers
  • Shippers of fresh fruits and flowers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Ground handlers
  • Airlines
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Cargo Agents

Course Benefits

By the end of the session the participant will be able to: 

  • Apply procedures contained in the IATA perishable cargo manual
  • Become familiar with the shipper and carrier responsibilities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of government regulations
  • Comply with carrier regulations  Demonstrations knowledge of types of perishables and market trends
  • Classify and apply the list of perishables
  • Apply the principles of segregation and compatibility and correct packaging
  • Complete the necessary documents or confirm that the required documents are available and have been appropriately completed
  • Accept perishables and notice abnormal loads.
  • Implement cold chain management and understand traceability and tracking.  
  • Demonstrate the understanding of handling procedures and handling of perishable cargo
  • Understand the use of ULD in perishable handling
  • Be familiar with procedures for reducing environment effects on perishable at the terminal and ramp
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively utilize perishable handling facilities and understand the causes pf claims and how to avoid them
  • Gain understanding of CITIES and appropriate handling of cut flowers


Course Contents / Outline
  • Application of regulations
  • Food and safety
  • Carrier regulations for perishable cargo
  • Perishable classes-the different types of perishable and time sensitive shipments
  • Packaging of perishable and time sensitive shipments
  • Documentation
  • Acceptance
  • Perishable handling 
  • Unit Load Devices
  • Airport Ground Operations
  • Handling facilities
  • Claims
  • Markings and labeling of perishable shipments
  • The handling and storage of perishable and time sensitive shipments
  • Segregation and compatibility of different perishable shipments
  • Ambient temperatures of the different perishable and time sensitive shipments.
  • Cut flowers
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