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Course Overview

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal multi-echelon planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and management of strategically placed decoupling point stock buffers.  DDMRP combines some of the still relevant aspects of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) with the pull and visibility emphases found in Lean and the Theory of Constraints and the variability reduction emphasis of Six Sigma.  These elements are successfully blended through key points of innovation in the DDMRP method.

Training Duration

Training Duration       16 Hours (Flexible Schedules)

Regular Sessions: 3 Hrs / 5Hrs / 8 Hrs

Fast Track Sessions : 5 to 8 Days

Training Schedules

Training Schedules     Regular Sessions: 3/5/8 Hours per Session. Classes are offered on Weekdays or Weekends (Friday / Saturday). Weekdays Schedules are from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm or 2.00 to 6.00 or 9.00 pm.

Fast Track Sessions:6-8 Hours Per day for 2 Days with Lunch / Coffee breaks.


Certifications: Course Completion Certificate

Examinations  Demand Driven Institute-Online Exam

Learning AidsYes
Course MaterialHard & Soft Copies of Study Material
Language of InstructionEnglish
Instructor HelplineYes
1. Email
2. Social Media (For Emergency requirements)
Registration Requirements1. Passport Copy
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Passport size photographs
4. Course Fee
Mode of Payment:Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / Bank Transfer.
Eligibility Criteria
(Who should attend this training)

Supply chain Manager                                                      

Supply Chain Engineer                                        

Production Manager                                                       

Sales Manager                                                         

Material Planner                                                       

Logistics & Distribution Manager                       

Operations Professional                                      

Warehouse Professional                                           

Logistics Professional                                                  


Procurement /Purchase executive           

Procurement Specialist                                                          

Supply Chain/Inventory/Logistics Analyst                          

Supply Chain/Inventory/Logistics Planner                                               
Course Benefits

Program is designed for planning, purchasing and supply chain personnel responsible for implementing and maintaining a DDMRP implementation.

Course Contents / Outline

Strategic inventory positioning                                      

Buffer profiles and levels                                       

Dynamic adjustments                                      

Demand driven planning                                               

Visible and collaborative execution

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