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Course Overview

This course will provide you the necessary skills to build, manage and run a beautiful website or blog by using WordPress. You can create anything from personal blogs to professional websites within a short span of time. It is also a powerful content management system (CMS). No coding is required. You will be able to design your blog/website by using the readymade WordPress templates. The course is designed for beginners and it explains about WordPress installation, configuration, creating a site, adding content,images, videos, using themes, widgets, plugins, publishing the site and beyond. You get to work on a project while doing this course.

Training DurationTotal Training Hours : 30Hours 
Training Duration : 2 Week
Total Training Days : 5 Working Days
Training SchedulesWeekdays (Sunday to Thursday)
Regular Sessions : 6 Hrs Per day (9am to 2pm or 3.00pm to 9.00 pm)
Food & refreshments Included

WeekEnds (Friday & Saturday)
Fast Track Sessions: 8 Hours per day (9am to 5pm)
Food & refreshments Included
Certifications:1) Certificate from Laurels Training Institute, Attested by Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA) government of Dubai, UAE

2) Certificate from American Institute of Professional Studies (AIPS) from USA (After 15 Days of course Completion which will couriered to the attendees office address)
Learning AidsYes
Course MaterialHard & Soft Copies of Study Material
Language of InstructionEnglish
Instructor HelplineYes 
1. Email
2. Social Media (For Emergency requirements)
Registration Requirements1. Passport Copy
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Passport size photographs
4. Course Fee
Mode of Payment:Cash / Cheque / Credit Card / Bank Transfer.
Eligibility Criteria
(Who should attend this training)
  • You should be able to use computer and internet.
  • It is not necessary to have knowledge of any programming language before you start this course but If you have some knowledge of HTML, PHP and JavaScript then it will make learning this course even easier.
Course Benefits
  • Set up Web Hosting and Download and Install WordPress
  • Configure Standard or Custom WordPress Templates
  • Build, Administer and Update a Website or Blog using WordPress
  • Add and configure WordPress Plug-ins and Widgets
  • Manage Users and WordPress Site Administration
Course Contents / OutlinePlanning your WordPress site
  • Think about your content prior to creating pages
Installing WordPress
  • Default web hosting pages
  • Using the cpanel to install WordPress
  • Customise your login and password
Instant WordPress
  • What is instant WordPress?
Creating pages
  • Logging in to WordPress
  • Creating a new page
  • Entering a page title
  • Entering body text for a page
  • Pasting text from a Microsoft word document
  • The publish panel
  • Previewing a page
  • Bold text formatting
  • Italic text formatting
  • Text alignment formatting
  • Bullet and numbered list formatting
  • Text indenting
  • Text colour formatting
  • Heading formatting
  • Heading formatting and seo
  • Themes and headings
  • Block quote formatting
  • Distraction free writing mode
  • Using ‘paste as plain text’
  • Remove formatting icon
  • Insert custom character icon
  • Using the ‘view page’
  • Text vs. Visual tabs
  • Viewing pages using ‘all pages’
  • Option to edit a page – edit, quick edit, trash and view
  • Deleting a page
  • Restoring a deleted page from the trash bin
  • Default menu creation by WordPress
Advanced page options
  • Specifying a home page
Change the template used by the home page
  • Images and WordPress
  • Logging in without using the ‘log in’ link in the meta widget section
  • Adding new media – pictures
  • Uploading images
  • Editing images
  • Alternative text for images and seo
  • Inserting an image into a page
  • Image ‘attachment details’
  • Resizing images using drag and drop
  • Using the ‘edit image’ icon to edit an image
  • Resizing an image using percentage resizing
  • Image alignment options
  • Applying alternative or ‘alt’ text to an image
  • Applying a picture caption
  • Adding a link to an image
  • Specifying an exact image height and width size
  • Specifying image border and spacing
Linking pages & posts
  • Removing a text hyperlink
  • Adding a hyperlink to text
  • Inserting text links to other websites
  • Creating links that open in a new window or a new tab
  • Image links
  • Inserting email links
YouTube videos
  • Inserting a YouTube video into a page
  • Getting the YouTube video embed code
  • Creating a new post
  • Entering a post title
  • Entering post text in the body area
  • Using ‘paste from word’ to copy text from Microsoft word to a past
  • Publishing a post
  • Viewing a list of your posts
  • Deleting a post
  • Deleted posts are moved to the trash bin and can be ‘un-deleted’
  • Editing existing posts
  • Inserting text hyperlinks into a post
  • Formatting text within posts
  • Differences between pages and posts
  • Creating a home page for posts
  • recent posts’ widget display
  • Editing existing posts
  • Inserting an image into a post
Categories and tags
  • Viewing a list of posts and associated categories
  • The ‘uncategorised’ category
  • Creating a category
  • Slugs and seo
  • Assigning an existing post to a different category
  • Assigning a new post to a category when you create the post
  • Do not create too many categories
  • Tags
  • Assigning tags to posts
  • Adding a new tag
Using installed widgets
  • The widget area
  • Displaying installed widgets
  • Active widgets
  • Removing a widget
  • Adding an installed widget to the widget area
  • Displaying the ‘recent posts’ widget
  • The text widget
  • You can embed html code into the text widget
  •  Use the ‘text’ tab to get html code for the text widget
Finding WordPress plugins
  • • Viewing installed plugins
  • • Deleting a plugin
  • • Searching for new plugins
  • • Checking out plugins
  • Contact form
  • • Installing a contact form plugin
  • • Configuring your contact form
  • • Cattcha
  • Creating customised menus
  • Re-ordering menu items
Appearance customisation
  • Customising appearance options
  • Customising the header options
  • Custom background options – colours or images
  • Customising WordPress settings
  • Customising the site title and tagline
  • Customising your WordPress url
  • WordPress writing options
  • Setting the default category for new posts
  • Customising the WordPress update services
  • Customizing the WordPress reading options
  • Customising the front page to use a static page
  • Controlling search engine visibility
  • Customising WordPress discussion options to control comments
  • Customising media settings
  • Customising permalinks for better seo
WordPress themes
  • What are responsive themes?
  • Searching for new themes
  • Previewing themes
  • Installing a theme
  • Deleting themes
Installing premium themes/Using premium themes
  • Installing a premium theme
  • Activating a premium theme
  • Custom theme options
How to back up your website
  • Installing a backup plugin
  • Configuring the backup plugin
Updating WordPress
  • Keeping WordPress up to date
  • Updating WordPress
  • Page templates
  • What are page templates?
  • Installing a slider plugin
  • Uploading images for the slider
  • Reordering your slider images
  • Using short codes
  • Slider image file sizes
Social media sharing
  • Installing the addthis plugin for social media sharing
Mobile phones & WordPress
  • Using responsive themes
  • Installing the wptouch plugin for mobile phone website display
Embedding a google map
  • Embedding a google map into a page or post
  • Embedding a google map into the sidebar widget area
  • Google maps widget

  • Tablepress plugin
  • Pricing tables
  • Easy pricing tables
  • Tabs and accordions
  • Drop shadow boxes for text & pictures
  • Columns
Inserting document download links
  • Issues with uploading large document files
  • How to upload a word document, pdf document or zip file
Shortcodes & formatting
  • Shortcodes ultimate
  • Olevmedia shortcodes
  • Font formatting – size & colour
  • Photo resizing & cropping
Low cost custom graphics & videos
  • Check out fiverr.com
Free graphics, pictures & photographs
  • Stay legal!
Rounded image corners
  • Gimp – free graphics program
  • Using the gallery plugin
Featured images
  • What are featured images?
  • How to attach a featured image
Buttons & icons
  • Creating custom buttons
  • What is a favicon?
  • Using a plugin to create a favicon
Searching your website
  • Using the standard search widget
  • Improving the WordPress search utility
Increase your website security


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